Fee Structure Changes With Valley City Attorney Should Help City Taxpayers


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CITY (NewsDakota.com) A few changes in the fee structure with the city attorney’s office should help the city and Valley City taxpayers.

The standard fee in the contract states the city will pay 2 percent maximum not to exceed $8,000 per project.

Valley City Attorney Russ Myhre. Photo by Steve Urness.

City attorney Russ Myhre says another change at the city’s request is that he will itemize his bill. He says that should lead to a reduction in special assessments.

City Administrator David Schelkoph says it’s a good deal for everyone. He says every little bit helps and itemized billing on city attorney projects is welcome news.

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  1. zoom103 Reply

    “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer”

  2. MaryLN Reply

    How will itemizing your bill lower special assessments Russ? The bottom line will still be the same. Just showing each and every item on how you rip us off will not change the end result. Please state how you think this will work. You never state that, just more rhetoric

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