Barnes County Valley City Primary/Election Results


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City, N.D. ( Madaline Luke and Former Mayor Mary Lee Nielson were elected to the Valley City commission in the Tuesday election the unofficial results showed Luke as the top voter getter with 1,077 or 29 percent and Nielson with 1,012 or 27 percent of the vote. Bob Drake came in third place with 860 votes, followed by former city commissioner Ken Evenson with 484 votes and Arthur Frieze with 199 votes.

In the Valley City Public School board race challenger Richard (Rick) Ross received 1,398 votes beating out incumbent Sharon Buhr who had 987 votes in the Tuesday election.

Southeast Judicial District Number 8 Primary in Barnes County Brad Cruff received 2,461 compared to incumbent Richard Grosz 551. In the whole district Brad Cruff received 9,657 votes compared to Richard Grosz who had 6,343.

Barnes County voters support Republican Rick Berg to run in November against Democrat Heidi Hietkamp in the U-S Senate race. Berg received 1,101 votes compared to Duane Sand 604 votes in the Tuesday primary GOP runoff. Statewide Berg received 60,188 votes compared to Sand with 30,415.

In the GOP U-S House primary Barnes County voters favored Brian Kalk received 884 votes compared to Kevin Cramer had 805. But statewide, Kevin Cramer had 45,969 votes to edge out GOP endorsed candidate Brian Kalk who had 38,871 votes in the primary.

In the Superintendent of Public Instruction race in Barnes County Max Laird had 731 votes, Tracy Potter 645 and Kirsten Baesler had 563. But statewide Baesler was the top vote getter with 34,887 followed by Potter 30,154 and Laird  with 28,240 votes.

In Barnes County Measure one received 1,800 yes votes and 1,290 not votes. Statewide yes 79,077 and no 59,055.

Measure two in Barnes County received 1,053  yes votes and 2,293 no votes. Statewide Measure two received 32,336 yes compared to 107,809 not votes.

Measure three in Barnes County got 1,046 yes votes and 2,243 no votes. Statewide 48,299 yes votes and 88,529 no votes.

Measure four in Barnes County had 2,175 yes votes to allow UND to retire the nickname and logo while 1,096 people voted no. Statewide 92,843 yes votes compared to 44,728 votes.

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  1. valleycityagain Reply

    I can’t believe that the people are so ignorant to vote Mary in again. Valley City, you are doomed!! You have just gone backwards everything you gained in the last two years. I believe that an oil boom could not even save you now. And Luke, how can a no name even get more votes than a former commissioner? All she has on her mind is water. I know the people have spoken, but remember, you deserve what you get. I wish you God’s help because all the luck in the world will do you no good now. Your town is destined to be down the tubes.

  2. VCLisa Reply

    Congratulations Valley City on keeping Drake off the City Commission. Maybe now he and his CCI friends will realize the citizens are way too smart to fall for their anti-government, radical agenda.

    • valleycityagain Reply

      Lisa N. or VCLisa, you will now see the most expensive Liberal movement is decades. Drake would have been 1 times better than Mary and her twin.

      • aliveinvc Reply

        the “liberal movement” will soon become annoying to most of us. I’ll take it any day over the bullies who support Drake.

      • VCLisa Reply

        The last I looked, 1 times better is the same as… So you are saying that having on the commission would be the same as the 2 that were elected. Also, remember, it takes a majority vote of at least 3 to get something passed. What ever the liberal movement you are talking about is, can’t get going without a majority vote. I didn’t know that taking care of our streets, water, and looking at flood control is a liberal agenda.

    • aliveinvc Reply

      Drake and his CCI will never learn , will never win but will never stop. I do believe, however, that the Commission will see a new kind of insanity with Luke now having a seat. That woman is a no team player. She’s used to getting her way no matter what the issue. She has the tact and sensitivity of a pit bull. With those two other no name newbees previously voted in, we have little depth on the commission. It’s a sort of justice for the way Wagar has been treated over the years. After standing for truth and justice and riding the city of the good ol boy network he was maligned by every fool with a keyboard. Who in their right mind would even run for a City Commissioner seat?

    • zoom104 Reply

      will you being saying that when you get hit with the next $20,000 special assessment?

  3. Gotta love adults acting like children. The vote is done and over with. Drop it and move on.

  4. kneewa Reply

    can.t believe my eyes how stupid people are when they vote must be north dakota air

  5. kneewa Reply

    I see city does have one person with common sense right on valleycity again i was hoping for some that has what it takes you need to run next election for city comission looks like you have what it takes thank again valleycity again

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