Labor Club No Longer “Smoke-Free” in Valley City


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City, N.D. ( The Labor Club is allowing it’s smoking patrons to light up again after being smoke free for 2.5 months in Valley City.

Owner Kerry Anderson says business at his bar dropped off significantly and he decided a few days ago to go back to a smoking facility on June 18.

On April 2 the Labor Club went smoke-free voluntarily and the Valley City Eagles Club board members voted to be the same a short time later.

Smokers are back at the Labor Club in Valley City. Photos by Steve Urness.

Labor Club bartender Mark Ertelt says tips during that time frame dropped off after the bar went smoke-free. Photos by Steve Urness.

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  1. zoom104 Reply


  2. Agreed. Very sad. It’ll be funny when the entire state or city is smoke free. Ya ever notice that most of the trouble makers and most rif-raf smoke?

    • oncall Reply

      It will be a totally different situation when the law is passed that everyone has to be smoke free. I believe that will happen, but at this point, you can see that the people want to have a choice when they go out. If they want to go to a smoking bar, they should be able to, obviously that’s what the people want in Valley City. There are non-smoking bars in Valley City. Kerry was losing money and employees because of his choice, and good for him to see what his patrons want and make the choice to go back to a smoker friendly bar.

      I have a real problem with the commercials on the radio and TV about how “my mom has to work at a bar and breathe cigarette smoke”. Did your mom not get a job at that bar knowing that people smoked there? Maybe your mom should get a different job! There are plenty of jobs that have hazards associated with them and you don’t see commercials about them. I won’t get started on that here, someone might get ideas and we will all have to stay home wrapped in bubble wrap so we don’t get hurt.

      As for the comment about trouble makers and riff-raff…I smoke. I don’t consider myself to be any kind of an outsider. I have friends that smoke and don’t smoke. I am considerate of those around me. I have a good job and am around the public on a daily basis. I have never been arrested. I am a college graduate. I have a good credit rating. I have a family that loves me and I love them. Have you ever noticed that the non-smokers are some of the most intolerant people there are?

      I think you would be suprised at how many “closet” smokers there are. There are many people that only have a cigarette (or a few) when they go uptown to have a beer (or two) and unwind. Let them have their relaxation. Let them have the choice!

      • I didn’t say all smokers are rif raf. I said most most rif raf (trouble makers) are smokers. What percentage of those in prison for violent crime do you think smoke? Again, I’m not saying you are violent or are in prison. And as for stats, I promise you, that of h.s, dropouts, a large % are smokers. Again, I didn’t say you were a dropout. The reason behind this, smoking is a dumb decision, and those that make one dumb preventable decision with known consequences, are likely to make other dumb decisions.
        The truth hurts.

        • Jayman21 Reply

          Well if your in a bar drinking isnt that a bad decision too. So that makes you rif raf.

          • 1. I didn’t say that everyone in a bar is rif raf.
            2. I don’t drink. Or go in bars. Or smoke. Sorry.
            3. Obviously, you are not the brightest person around, as you type before you think. Next time, think first, ask yourself if you are setting yourself up to look like a monkey’s backside, and if the answer is “yes”, don’t type. You’re welcome.