Christopher Ratteray Jr; Convicted of Felony Sexual Assault in Barnes County


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CITY, ND ( A former Valley City State University football player was convicted of sexual assault after a 2-day jury trial wrapped up in Southeast District Court in Valley City on Wednesday.

22-year-old Christopher Ratteray, Jr. was convicted on 2 felony sexual assault charges where he was accused of sexual penetration of an unconscious 19-year-old female victim. 

Barnes County Assistant State’s Attorney Brad Cruff¬† believes sexually explicit images of the nude victim captured by the defendant’s cell phone helped the jury quickly reach a guilty verdict in this case.

According to court documents the incident happened in the early morning hours on February 12, 2011 inside a Valley City State University dorm room. Alcohol was a factor in this incident according to Cruff.

Southeast District Judge John Paulson says a 90-day sentencing investigation involving a sex offender risk assessment is underway.

Ratteray Jr faces up to a 40-year prison sentence and or a $10,000 fine in this conviction.

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  1. Big surprise there. He looks like such an intelligent, respectful fella.

  2. This is my best friend. He would never do this. If you know the story I do, you knew he is innocent. The girl has called rape on 3 previous boyfriends. She was lying in court and flip flopped her answers between lawyers.

    • Innocent? Oh wow. I musta misread. The article said “convicted” – by a jury. LOL.

      Here’s a tip: get a new best friend.

      • I worked with him a few times on the west coast. He was a good guy. I dont think he did this, but the pictures may have sealed the deal. Aside from which, everyone knows how the justice system works on the east coast. Accusations are enough to convice, even with circumstantial evidence.

        • Yep. We know…we know all too well how the justice system works on the East Coast. Fortunately the justice system here, in ND, nowhere even remotely close to the East Coast, works pretty efficiently.

          Here’s a tip for you, Colin: fire your geography tutor.

  3. ray Reply

    this is not him i know this young man i coached him in junior football i watched him come up as a teenager, i think you (the jury rushed to judgement)

  4. disqus_gBJUmU9v20 Reply

    Its interesting that the media points out that alcohol may have been a factor when her blood alcohol level was less than a half glass of wine. First she said that Chris drugged her….no drugs in her system, then she claimed she was drunk, then she said she passed out, which a doctor testified that there was no reason why she should of passed out. The rape kit was negative. Chris got eight years for all of her claims. My grandson is growing up with out a Dad around. I have seen this to many times in the media that girls call rape and ruin the guys life and years later they come clean that it wasn’t true. I hope this girl is strong enough to live with the claims she is making. She did not ruin just Chris’s life but all his family and friends that deeply miss him and care about him. I fully rely on God and will be praying for her.

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