Trooper on a Bus Comes to Carrington


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( – The North Dakota Highway Patrol’s Trooper on a Bus program is coming to Carrington next week.

A state trooper will ride a regular school bus route on Monday, Sept. 17 in the Carrington area, raising awareness of traffic violations that occur around school buses. Enforcement action may also be taken if the trooper witnesses a violation.

The Highway Patrol has been conducting Trooper on a Bus days throughout the state.

The Highway Patrol says in a press release that North Dakota law requires that if a stopped school bus is displaying alternating flashing red lights or a stop sign control arm, a driver of a vehicle meeting or overtaking the stopped bus from either direction (front or back) must stop before reaching the school bus. Motorists may not proceed until the red lights are deactivated, the bus driver signals them to proceed, or the bus resumes motion.

The enforcement consequence for failing to yield as required for a school bus is a $50 fine and six points being assessed to the violator’s driving record.

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