Medical Marijuana Supporters Take Issue to Court


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N.D. (AP) – North Dakota Secretary of State Al Jaeger says he’s hoping for a quick resolution of a dispute about whether a medical marijuana initiative should be on the November ballot.

Jaeger disqualified the measure because of what he said was evidence of petition fraud. But supporters of the medical marijuana proposal say he didn’t review the petitions closely enough. They want the North Dakota Supreme Court to intervene and order Jaeger to put the measure on the ballot.

The Supreme Court hasn’t decided whether to hear arguments in the case.

Jaeger says the November election ballots are already being printed, and they need to be finished by Friday to send to military voters and North Dakotans who are living overseas. He says a delay could cause “chaos.”

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  1. Jim Reply

    Didn’t need to hear Jason Metko’s opinion on this matter. If I wanted to listen to conservative BS I would’ve turned on Rush Limbaugh, not 97.1. Thanks for the news, but not for the bias.

    • brownstarr Reply

      Well Jimmy boy, let me ‘splain it to ya like this: No medical marijuana anytime soon in ND. LOL. And no…you didn’t need to hear Metko’s opinion. You CHOSE to. You coulda’ turned the station. And move to San Francisco while you’re at it. You’d fit right in.