Final Stutsman County Election Results


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N.D. ( – The following is the complete list of those running for office, as well as the statewide measures that voters in Stutsman County were presented with on their ballots Tuesday.

Specific offices/measures are highlighted in bold and underlined, and in each category, the leaders (or winners in the cases of Stutsman County-only races) are in bold and italics.

12/12 Precincts Reporting (100%)

President Of The United States

Romney (Republican) 59.6%

Obama (Democrat) 37.5%

Goode (Constitution) 0.4%

Johnson (Libertarian) 1.4%

Stein (Green) 0.5%

Write In 0.5%

United States Senator

Rick Berg (Republican) 49.9%

Heidi Heitkamp (Democrat) 50.7%

Write In 0.3%

United States Representative

Kevin Cramer (Republican) 55.9%

Pam Gulleson (Democrat) 40.8%

Eric Olson (Libertarian) 3.1%

Write In 0.1%

District 12 State Senator

John Grabinger (Democrat) 50.7%

Bernie Satrom (Republican) 48.8%

Write In 0.5%

District 12 State Representative (Voting For Two)

Alex Looysen (Republican) 27.1%

Ken Hall (Republican) 20.9%

Jessica Haak (Democrat) 27.9%

Lyle Hanson (Democrat) 24%

Write In 0.1%

North Dakota Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Jack Dalrymple and Drew Wrigley (Republican) 64.1%

Ryan M. Taylor and Ellen Chaffee (Democrat) 32.9%

Roland Clifford Riemers and Anthony Johns (Independent) 1.2%

Paul Sorum and Michael Coachman (Independent) 1.6%

Write In 0.1%

State Auditor

Robert R (Bob) Peterson (Republican) 63.8%

Scot Kelsh (Democrat) 36%

Write In 0.1%

State Treasurer

Kelly Schmidt (Republican) 65.8%

Ross Mushik (Democrat) 34%

Write In

Insurance Commissioner

Adam Hamm (Republican) 67.7%

Tom Potter (Democrat) 32.1%

Write In 0.1%

Public Service Commissioner

Randy Christmann (Republican) 52.2%

Brad Crabtree (Democrat) 43.4%

Joshua Voytek (Libertarian) 4.2%

Write In 0.1%

Superintendent Of Public Instruction

Kirsten Baesler 55.3%

Tracy Potter 44.4%

Write In

North Dakota Supreme Court Justice

Daniel J. Crothers 99.5%

Write In 0.5%

District 8 Judge

Brad Cruff 62.9%

Richard W. Grosz 36.9%

Write In 0.1%

District 9 Judge

John E. Greenwood 99.5%

Write In 0.5%

District 10 Judge

Thomas E Merrick 99.3%

Write In 0.7%

Stutsman County Commissioner (Voting for two)

David Schwartz 25.7%

Nellie Degen 17.7%

Mark Klose 31.5%

Dave Orr 24.8%

Write In 0.2%

Soil Conservation District Supervisor

Alvin Exner 99.7%

Write In 0.3%

Statewide Measure #1 (Elimination of Annual Poll Tax)

Yes 71.5%

No 28.5%

Statewide Measure #2 (Oaths of Office for Elected and Appointed Officials)

Yes 89.5%

No 10.5%

Statewide Measure #3 (Farming and Ranching Practices)

Yes 66.4%

No 33.6%

Statewide Measure #4 (Smoking Prohibition)

Yes 68.7%

No 31.27%

Statewide Measure #5 (Animal Cruelty)

Yes 29.6%

No 70.4%

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