Carrington City Council Minutes


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(  The Carrington City Council met on Monday, November 12th, here are some topics discussed at the meeting.

The owner of Out-lot A in Carrington wanted to change this area of the community from residential to commercial zoning.  The planning and zoning board denied the request because they want to keep the residential zoning in the place for more housing.  The owner wanted to put up storage units.  

Fire Department:

10/11 Met with Kindergarten class and talked about fire safety, gave the kids a ride in the fire truck.

10/11 Controlled burn

10/15 Controlled burn

10/16 Controlled burn

10/17 Car fire

10/26 Controlled burn

11/13 Carbon Dioxide detection, resident was evacuated and house was ventilated, 12 men responded


Organizational Committee review:

The City has been getting noise complaints about special events at the fairgrounds such as weddings, etc…  The Fair Board has agreed that they will keep closing down special events at 12:30a.  All guests will have to be off the grounds by 1am.  They want to fence in certain areas of the fairgrounds, no alcohol will be allowed outside these areas.  Doorways will be monitored by security officials.  Parking will only be allowed on the west side of the building in the field, no parking will be allowed on the east side closest to the residential areas.  There will be an event manager present the entire time the building is rented for any special events.  The Fair Board is waiting for a noise ordinance from the city, Carrington Police Department will be getting a noise meter to properly monitor noise levels.  The city will meet with fair board members during the next special event and they will measure the noise impact on the residential areas near the fairgrounds.  Residents will be informed when the meeting will take place and will be able to attend the testing.

JDA:    job development authority

Central Pharmacy applied for a grant for a new roof.  The roof is going to cost over 50k, grant has a 10k limit or 25% of the total cost.  Motion was approved for $10k, payment will happen after proof of building improvement.

The Creative Treasurers building owner, Hope Carr, is looking at putting in a new furnace, grant amount would be $1,670 (25% of the cost), total cost would be $6,680.

JDA will reimburse engineering costs (installation of water, sewer etc..) for developing new infrastructure up to 75% of the cost with a cap of $50k.

Finance and Legal:

City Hall will be getting new carpet and paint throughout the building.  It is the original paint and carpet from when the building was first built.


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