Cat Found in Jamestown Tests Positive For Rabies


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N.D. ( A cat found near a gas station in Jamestown tested positive for rabies Thursday at the state lab in Bismarck.

Officials with the Board of Animal Health are asking the public for assistance in identifying people who may have been exposed to the cat in Jamestown. The adult female cat was an orange and white tabby with long hair.

Pet owners who believe one of their pets may have been exposed to the rabid cat should contact their local veterinarian or the State Veterinarian’s Office in Bismarck.

Anyone who was bitten or exposed to the saliva of this cat should contact their healthcare provider and the North Dakota Department of Health immediately.

For more information, contact the North Dakota of Health at 1-800-472-2180 or the State Veterinarian’s Office at 701-328-2655.

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  1. brownstarr Reply

    Is that the said cat in the picture?

  2. brownstarr Reply

    They should have captured it when they took its picture.

  3. brownstarr Reply

    They coulda like shot a net over him and got him tangled up while they sedated him. I saw it done on Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom back in the 80s. It worked then vs. lions and jaguars, it should work on a rabid house cat in 2012. They then coulda put a tracking collar on him, to see the routes of travel that he favored. It would be interesting to see if a rabid cat has the same movements as a normal, non-rabid cat. At least then officials would have some idea of the tendencies of a rabid cat in the future, should the situation arise again. A little education goes a long ways, people.

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