Binford Man Faces Attempted Murder Charges


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N.D. (AP) – Authorities in North Dakota say a man suspected of running over a woman and crashing into a house in Binford has been apprehended in Illinois and faces attempted murder charges.

The Griggs County Sheriff’s Office says 36-year-old Tyronza Watkins of Binford was stopped Wednesday on an interstate highway near Bloomington, Illinois.

On Monday, the sheriff’s office received calls that a car had struck a house in Binford and ran over a woman who was trapped underneath.

Authorities say 28-year-old Jessica Overby, who lives at the house, was treated at a nearby hospital and released. Forty-one-year-old Dawn Leininger was flown to Sanford Hospital in Fargo. Her condition was not known.

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  1. brownstarr Reply

    Binford? I’ve been to Binford, many a times. I’ve seen Tyrozania’s mug shot or whatever his name is on KVLY.
    Uhhh….He aint from no Binford, ND. Someone done got their wires crossed somewheres ‘cross the way.

    • No This man is a piece of scum from East St Louis Illinois breed born and raised…. He a has been women beater for ever I’m just going to start with my Cousin his first child mother he beat when she was 8months pregnant and many times before but thankful she seen the light he didn’t even care about the child growing within her to stop beating her that he was never going to stop he truly was a monster… Jessica Overby its my understanding that you are going to stand by your man that this wasn’t that bad as people are making it out to be but you friend had to be airlifted to another hospital and still in the hospital and you are on you face stating you going to go visit her I pray that you are not going to pressure you not to press charges because Tyronza Orlandus Watkins need to be stopped and just a few months ago you laughed at the fact that for 45 min just in Jamestown, ND he beat Tara almost to death and wished he did kill her and joked on he Facebook page about how her kids almost didn’t have there mother because what this man did By the way reader Jamestown, ND city only charged him a minor crime and $300 fine this was why he was allowed to do to you and Dawn because the city of Jamestown didn’t take that crime serious enough. Jessica you have your choice true enough but but next time someone might not be so lucky and might not make it out alive rather it be you or the next girl he move on to and you could have put a stop to Tyronza Watkins because let me tell the way you got your man is a sure way you lose your man and he and Tara was living and in a relationship for 3 years when he was come and sleeping with you yes I’m putting all your business out there but I putting his out there too he is a evil man and doesn’t deserve to see outside a compound walls of a maximum correctional center Life for Tyronza Orlandus Watkins. North Dakota State please do a national background check and get every charge of an aggravated assault and domestic assault/abuse case you can fine to show the type of person he is and always has been an always will be. FYI Jessica Ty’s first son name is Daevion Orlandus Watkins but when we took his right awy we took the middle and last name away, I heard that you named your son Davion I guess and I’m going out on a limb he had you name him that and he spelled it to he never could could spell our Daevion right he couldn’t remember which to place first the a or the e so he just dropped the e i see cute but I betting its still Davion Orlandus Watkins which mean he was just trying replace his first son with your son. I’m just trying to show you who ty really is

    • oncall Reply

      If you know anything about the situation, you’d know he was living in Binford with one of the women he ran over. So…uhhh…ayup he is from Binford, ND.

  2. Jenny Reply

    Doesn’t matter when you get arrested the papers will automatically say your from wherever your address is on your Drivers License or where you are currently living and besides all that I don’t think it went down how people are laying it out.

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