Gun Shots Fired At Dogs In Valley City


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CITY, N.D. ( A Valley City man fired several shots at two pit bull dogs he thought were threatening him and another woman at an outside party early Sunday morning in Valley City.

Police Chief Fred Thompson says 24-year-old Nathan Preston called police to say he fired a number of rounds at the approaching dogs. Thompson says no humans, houses or other property were struck by the discharged rounds. So far there has been no report of any dogs being struck by bullets in this incident.

Thompson says the investigation of this shooting continues and once completed the facts will be submitted to the State’s Attorney’s Office to determine if any charges will be filed.

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  1. Justin Murray Reply

    I love dogs but if these are the same 2 pitbulls i met awhile ago I wish Nathan had better aim.

  2. valleycityagain Reply

    Yes it is too bad he did not have a better aim. I too love dogs but people have to control them also. The way our States Attorney is he will most likely flub this one too.

  3. me Reply

    Dogs will do what dogs do. Dont blame the wrong end of the leash.
    As always the animals are blamed because the owners are irrresponsible and do not keep them contained so they are not a threat to anyone.

  4. Jeanine Russell Reply

    He hit both dogs and now they are going to charge him with. Discharge of a firearm with in city limits to try to take his ccw away