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summer, a group of VCHS alumni who all played in the band, under the direction of former band director Bob Bowen, picked up their instruments and marched down Central Avenue as if it were 1985 all over again. A hi-light of the “Rally in the Valley” parade last year, band members have decided to come back again with the hopes of making this an annual event. “We had so much fun last year and we had so many VCHS alumni who heard about it and asked if we were going to do it again, we had to give it another try” says Peggy Maresh Ward, one of the VCHS Hi-Liner Reunion Band Coordinators.

All VCHS alumni who played in the band from 1980-1994 are invited to be a part of the reunion band. “We want to have 100 alumni march this year” says Sue Maresh Lloyd. Alumni interested in being a part of the band should contact Peggy Maresh Ward at for more information. In addition, those who have already committed to marching in the band can pick up their music at the KOVC studios on Central Avenue in Valley City.

This year, the band has decided to be an even bigger part of the Rally in the Valley. In the spirit of giving back, the VCHS Hi-Liner Reunion Band has planned two events to insure that the music will never die in the halls of VCHS.

Residents are encouraged to drop off musical instruments collecting dust in the attic and donate them to the “Save the Band” effort. All instruments will be cleaned and re-furbished and then donated back to the VCHS band program. Many times students choose not to be in the band, because they can’t afford to buy an instrument.

The second event, that is new this year, is the “Basketball for the Band.” Step back in time, and watch some of your favorite VCHS Alumni basketball players from 1980-1999 go head to head in a classic exhibition game. Of course, this event will also include a good old-fashioned VCHS Pep Rally brought to you by….the band! Admission to the exhibition game is $3 (or a free will offering) and all proceeds will be donated to the VCHS music program. All VCHS Alumni who played varsity basketball from 1980-1999 should contact Rory Beil at for more information about this exciting addition to the Rally in the Valley.

More information about the Hi-Liner Reunion Band and “Basketball for the Band” event can be found on Facebook at the link or by searching VCHS Hi-Liner Reunion Marching Band.

Rally in the Valley
VCHS Hi-Liner Reunion Band Schedule

“Save the Band” Instrument Collection
Used instruments can be dropped off at the KOVC offices on Central Avenue in Valley City through June 15.

Friday, June 17
VCHS Hi-Liner Reunion Band Practice
5pm Chatauqua Park

Saturday, June 18
VCHS Hi-Liner Reunion Band marches in the Rally in the Valley Parade
9am Jefferson School

“Basketball for the Band” Exhibition Game and Hi-Liner Pep Rally
4pm City Auditorium
Admission is $3 per person or free will donation

A special thanks to KOVC for their support of the VCHS Hi-Liner Reunion Band and “Basketball for the Band” Exhibition Game!

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