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petition to recall Valley City Mayor Bob Werkhoven and city commissioner Ken Evenson was received by Secretary of State’s office on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Secretary of State Al Jaeger said a new petition with 6 people from Valley City included; Rayma Fiegen, Corrine Lang, Ronald Olson, David Wright, Rodli Pederson and chairman Leroy Neubauer.

This petition like an earlier one submitted states that the commissioners are being recalled for misuse and abuse of the position, and or authority of office as a commissioner of Valley City.

(N.D. Secretary of State Al Jaeger.)

Jaeger said a new petition had to be submitted after one petitioner Kevin White withdrew his name on the original. A minimum of 5 names is needed.

Jaeger says under North Dakota law, two of the city commissioners in the first petition, Jon Wagar and George Dutton were not eligible for recall being their re-election is less than one year away on June, 12.

City auditor Avis Richter says petitioners will have 90 days or until September 19 to collect 25 percent of the total number of ballots cast in those respective elections.

She says in the recent mayoral race 1,581 votes were cast, that means petitioner will have to gather 396 signatures for a recall election.

In the city commission race slightly more than 1,400 votes were cast. Richter says petitioners will have to collect 354 signatures before a recall election is approved for a special election.

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