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N.D. (AP) – A group says it will stop airing a television ad that is critical of North Dakota Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp’s record as attorney general.

The ad claims when Heitkamp was attorney general during the 1990s, she spent taxpayer money on private airplanes.

Heitkamp on Thursday called the statement “completely false” and asked TV stations to quit running it.

It was produced by Crossroads GPS, an organization that supports Republicans. A Crossroads spokesman says the ad has been taken down voluntarily. The group had intended to spend $191,000 running it into the middle of next week.

Heitkamp says when she was attorney general, her office got two surplus planes for free from the Department of Defense. One was flown on anti-drug missions. The second was used for spare parts.

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