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CITY, N.D. – (  CHI Mercy Health has partnered with Whitney Sleep Diagnostics and Consultants  to offer a high quality, AASM accredited sleep medicine program in Valley City.

Spokeswoman Karen Burchill says instead of making patients drive to a larger city we partnered with Dr. Whitney to provide the same level of sleep medicine care that would be found in a major metro market.  She says we two comfortable sleep study rooms remodeled for our patients. 

Burchill says all patient follow-up visits can be done at CHI Mercy Health in Valley City and they can also get their CPAP equipment through Whitney if needed. 

Patients who feel they may have a sleep disorder are encouraged to talk to their healthcare provider and get a referral for the sleep study from them to do the study in Valley City. 

She says those who want to see Dr. Whitney for their consultation can set up their appointment through Whitney Sleep Diagnostics and have a Telehealth visit with the Doctor right at the hospital for their evaluation. 

For more information contact the Respiratory Therapy Department at CHI Mercy Health in Valley City at 701-845-6529.  For a self referral contact Whitney Sleep Diagnostics and Consultants at 1-877-844-6150.