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CITY, ND – ( Retired teacher and Wells County Extension Educator Richard Maine of Fessenden, North Dakota wants to know why the state committee for the North Dakota GOP (Republican Party) voted on August 13th of 2015 to NOT have any type of presidential caucus or straw poll during the 2016 presidential primary and caucus election.

Maine says North Dakota Republican voters did not have the right or chance to vote for the candidate of their choice this year.

The lead elephants at the North Dakota State GOP convention in April selected 25 delegates to the National Republican Convention and 3 “Big Wig” automatic delegates and all 28 delegates were uncommitted (Wishy-Washy?) at the time they were elected.

Maine says the leading elephants of North Dakota have “sucked the air” out of the state primary process by not having Republican presidential candidates on the ballot for North Dakota residents.

Richard Maine of Fesseden, North Dakota.
Richard Maine of Fessenden, North Dakota.