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N.D. (NewsDakota.com) – A police escort led the legendary albino buffalo “White Cloud” down main street in Jamestown Tuesday morning, reminiscent of how she was introduced almost 20 years ago.

In May 2016, White Cloud had been sent back to Michigan, North Dakota due to failing health. She later passed away on November 14th. It’s estimated her presence led to around 3 million visitors to the region.

Now she’s come home.

White Cloud was underwent taxidermy and was transported back to Jamestown on Tuesday, May 9th. Arnie Becker was there the first day White Cloud was brought to Jamestown. He was a major caretaker of White Cloud while she was part of the Jamestown herd.

White Cloud’s taxidermy was made possible, after a large donation of $30,000 by David and JoAnn Vining. David stated that many others helped donate towards the $50,000 goal to help preserve the famous buffalo.

White Cloud will have an exhibit setup at the National Buffalo Museum for individuals and tourists to come and visit her. Museum Director Illana Xinos says it will take some time before it’s open to the public.

You can read more about White Cloud and her time in Jamestown here and here.

Below are some photos and video of White Cloud being brought to Jamestown.