JAMESTOWN, N.D. (NewsDakota.com) – The Stutsman County Commission heard from Southeast Judicial District Judge Daniel Narum on the need for full-time court security.

According to state statutes, security is required at all times within the courtroom. The Stutsman County Sheriff’s Department has been providing security when requested by the presiding judge. Judge Narum stated that the request for security during Master Calendar days prompted the ongoing discussion.

Commission Chairman Mark Klose stated that currently, the county had approved their budgets for the year and would need a lot more money to hire on additional staff for full coverage.

It was asked why leaving it up to the judge’s discretion was an issue, to which Judge Narum said it was hard to determine which case could be dangerous and which ones wouldn’t need security.

Sheriff Kaiser says he’s known about the statute since taking over the as the Sheriff. He says the county needs to consider hiring on to fulfil the courts request to prevent any incidents from occurring.

Commissioner Dave Schwartz said the county would need to look at where to find funding to support the request by the Sheriff and courts.

No motion was made by the commission.