VALLEY CITY, N.D. ( – Several loyal Minnesota Twins fans filed into the W.E. Osmon Fieldhouse to shake hands with the Twins on January 22.

Hall of Famer Bert Blyleven and 2 time World Series Champion Dan Gladden along with catcher Mitch Garver and Pitcher Kohl Stewart answer questions about the upcoming 2019 season.

Gladden talked about the pro’s and con’s of the replay call available to Major League Baseball managers to reverse a call on the field. He said he like it if it doesn’t disrupt the flow of the game. But he said one drawback is that officials in NYC are the ones who make the decision to reverse or uphold a call and not the umpires at the game site.

Gladden said some pitching changes in the Minnesota Twins rotation should benefit the team heading into the 2019 season.

Bert Blyleven and Twins catcher Mitch Garver are not in favor of a proposal to use an electronic or digital device to call strikes in MLB.

The proceeds from the event benefited the Valley City Baseball Association and Girls Fast Pitch Softball teams. The event was sponsored by Remax Lawn Realty.

Valley City High School Students interviewing Twins Catcher Mitch Garver during the meet and greet.
Far right Minnesota Twins pitcher Kohl Stewart answers a question from the audience. Twins Catcher Mitch Garver to the left.
Left, Dan Gladden visits with a fan during the meet and greet.
Bert Blyleven having fun with Twins fans during the meet and greet.
Left, Twins Catcher Mitch Garver signs his autograph for a local Twins fan in Valley City.
Bert Blyleven signs a baseball for a Twins fan.
Far left Dan Gladden helps children trying to make a basket for a prize at the end of the Twins Caravan event in the W.E. Osmon Fieldhouse on January 22.