VALLEY CITY, N.D. ( – The Sheyenne Valley Area Career and Tech Center and the Valley City Barnes County Development Corporation collaborated to launch a welding training program, which required 40 hours of training over the course of a month, to assist individuals in gaining knowledge and career experience.
The class consisted of eight people looking to improve their current skill level, or for some, even learning how to weld for the first time! Their motivations to attend were all based on the idea they wanted a job in the field or were planning on using the skills for a career they already had.
Training largely consisted of classroom instruction and practicing different formations and joints that they must master to be successful in the workforce. After their 40 hours were complete, they were able to go home knowing they learned welding safety tips, pulse welding techniques, and welding terminology used in the workforce; plus a $600 check for completing the class successfully!
After the training, I was able to sit down with a few of them and ask about their experience. When asked about how they heard about the classes many said the instructor, Dennis Reinke, encouraged them to take the course. The backgrounds of the students were individuals hoping to enhance their skill set for their current employment, students in the welding field, prospects wanting to pursue a welding career, and two with job offers in place already! Lastly, I asked if they would recommend the class to others and one welder responded: “Yes, because many people don’t use their specific degrees for their career, but with this kind of hands-on training and education you are using those skills directly in the workforce.” Another student said she would definitely recommend the class because it permitted her to work on her weaknesses and also allowed her to get her name out to future employers.
The Development Corporation’s motives for offering this welding training is to produce trained, qualified people. Jennifer Feist, Director of Development, said it best by stating: “this allows on-the-job training to be shortened, which saves a company time and money and increases the potential of employment for job seekers. Overall, this training increases productivity and is beneficial to employees who can earn higher wages and employers who need skilled workers.”
With the success of the program, the Development Corporation is looking for a second instructor to teach welding classes. A third class being planned. Individuals interested in signing up for the next class should contact Trinity Potts at 701-490-3530 or email her at

In the picture above from left to right: Courtney Bruns, Dennis Reinke, Cole Swenson, Bailey Duffy, Trevan Pfenning, Dustin Lindgren, Emerson Meidinger, Bryn Toth-Graham. Not Pictured: Braylen Bruns.

About the author of this story: Kayla Brademeyer is a student at VCSU majoring in Marketing and is interning with the Valley City-Barnes County Development Corporation. She is originally from Kindred, ND.