VALLEY CITY, N.D. ( – A new partnership between the Education Foundation and the Village Family Service Center is raising hopes to better meet the mental health needs of students in the Valley City Public School District.
Here is a news release issued to the media by Superintendent Josh Johnson on February 25th.
The Valley City Public School Board and Education Foundation is pleased to announce a partnership with the Village Family Service Center to provide School-Based Mental Health Counseling in the schools beginning the first week of March. This partnership will make available a licensed professional counselor for students in grades K-12 attending Valley City Public Schools.
The new School-Based Mental Health Counselor at Valley City Public Schools will be available to all students at each school under the guidelines of the Access for All program. The Access for All program was created three years ago and provides unrestricted access for students in need of mental health counselors. According to Education Foundation Director Shari Larson, “This partnership with the Village strengthens the Access for All program at Valley City Public Schools and will better serve the needs of all students. The Foundation is grateful for the support of our community which provides funding and resources to allow us to create these important partnerships.”
Johnson said, “Our staff have identified the needs of our students in our schools and this new partnership with Village Family Service Center, Education Foundation, and Valley City Public Schools will allow us to better meet the growing mental health needs of our students, improve accessibility for students, and better utilize the financial resources of the Access for All program and the Education Foundation”.
The Education Foundation was created in 2000 as a nonprofit organization supporting the Valley City Public Schools. Anyone interested in learning more about the Foundation and/or making a contribution please contact Shari Larson at or 701.845.0483.