GLYNDON, MN ( – The Vice President of the United States made a quick visit to a west central Minnesota farm today to tout the USMCA.

Vice President Mike Pence landed at the North Dakota Air National Guard base in north Fargo this morning.  He was brought by motorcade  to the R & J Johnson Farm north of Glyndon, MN in Clay County.  The Vice President met with Ag Producers and FFA members to hear their thoughts about the USMCA or concerns they may have about the agriculture industry.  The Vice President was asked why he chose to come to Glyndon by the media.  His response, because the Johnson’s asked.  He also said that he came to Glyndon because it is in Rep. Collin Peterson’s district.  And he was hoping to nudge Peterson into getting Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to bring the USMCA trade deal to the floor for a vote. Peterson is the Chairman of the House Ag Committee.

Rep. Collin Peterson did issue a statement this afternoon about the Vice President’s visit to his district:

“I am glad that the Vice President is coming to the district and will see firsthand the importance of the sugar industry for farmers in the area struggling with low commodity prices and retaliatory tariffs. As the most senior Democrat in support of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), I understand the importance of getting a trade deal in place so we don’t screw up the parts of NAFTA that are working. Farmers need certainty and getting USMCA done is one part of that.”

The Vice President gave a statement about the USMCA and why he chose to come to Clay County.  He also answered questions from the media.  Audio is below:

Mike Pence Visit