JAMESTOWN, N.D. (NewsDakota.com) – Washington Elementary 3rd Graders were just wingin’ it Friday afternoon in Jamestown.

Students in Mrs. Emma Mickelson’s class have spent the past few weeks learning about chickens while baby chicks incubated in the classroom. Mrs. Mickelson says students were taught different topics through the baby chicks including life cycle and taking care of live animals.

“We named all of the chicks after different types of pasta,” Mrs. Mickelson pointed out. “Students also wrote different poems for the chicks and created a birth certificate for each one that hatched.”

Students handled the chicks and played with them, showing them off to some parents during a sort of open house May 17th. Afterwards, the worn-out chicks were put back in their box and fell fast asleep.

Baby Chicks at Washington Elementary