JAMESTOWN, N.D. (NewsDakota.com) – After the city of Jamestown experienced a record amount of collected items during the citywide cleanup week, officials are concerned with the effectiveness and costs to the city.

332 total tons of material were collected this year, nearly 30 more tons than in 2018. Sanitation Department Foreman Roger Mayhew describes the collection week as a “nightmare.”

Mayhew reports that it was common for people to hide unacceptable items in their piles. He said they would also pile the items on their lawn instead of on the pavement.

“If the loader collects from the lawn, [there’s a] high chance the turf will be gone as well. This may be where the resident prefers the city collects it, but it is not where the city will collect it.”

Residents would also set out items after the trucks had passed and would event have non-residents bring items that couldn’t be picked up and leaving them in piles across the city.

Mayhew reported that the amount picked up during cleanup week was almost more than the month of April for material taken to the landfill.

The week cost the city nearly $16,000 in unbudgeted expenses.

Mayhew says they are considering other ways to make the collection week work better including taking photos of homes and piles of infractions to help the public know what can’t be picked up to just eliminating the event all together.

Councilmember Steve Brubakken says the city will need to consider steps to take to save money, while also making sure the public understands what they can do to help the city and alleviate some of the problems.

In recycling, Ralph Friebel stated that they were working to lower the amount of materials that blow out of the trucks during collection.

Friebel says around 120,010 pounds of recycling was picked up in the month of March. He says they’re working on the sorting line to do additional volume as well as reducing the amount going out as garbage.