JAMESTOWN, N.D. (JRMC) – Jamestown Regional Medical Center Hospice along with the Jamestown Area Grief Support Team (JAGST) is hosting a Memorial Service on Tuesday, August 13th at McElroy Park in Jamestown.

The service starts at 6:30 p.m. in the shelter near the flagpole. This service is open to anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one. JRMC Hospice will also be planting a tree in loving memory.

Grief can be an isolating and lonely experience. JRMC Hospice and JAGST are committed to providing support and an opportunity for individuals to share their grief and loss in a supportive environment.

“The annual Memorial Service and tree planting ceremony is a celebration of life and to affirm the bonds of community, memory and hope that sustain us in sorrow,” said Maren Radi, Hospice Coordinator for JRMC.

“It is an opportunity for bereaved families and the hospice staff to honor the loved ones who have died and an opportunity to support each other.”

The memorial service is free and open to the public. Attendees are encouraged to bring a lawn chair to sit on if desired.

For more information on this event, please call JRMC Hospice at (701) 952-4847.

Below is video from the event in 2018.