JAMESTOWN, N.D. (NewsDakota.com) – Farmers and producers will have a unique look at grain bin safety and rescue during the 2020 Winter Ag & Construction Expo.

Equipment from the North Dakota Firefighters Association is displayed and used to train state firefighters in grain bin extrication and rescue. Captain Paul Bensch with the Jamestown Rural Fire Department has been working with the display and information for the past few years.

Bensch says they’ll be bringing in a prop to help demonstrate what it looks like when someone gets trapped in a grain bin.

While a lot of the material is more designed for firefighters, Bensch says they’ll be adjusting their demonstration to gear it more towards producers and farmers who work with grain bins.

Bensch pointed out that grain bin safety is just as important now as it always has been.

The demonstration will be free and open to the public on Friday, January 17th beginning at 1:30 PM in the Jamestown Civic Center.

Listen to a full Let’s Talk About It with Captain Paul Bensch below: