STEELE, ND. (BEK) – BEK Communications announced the immediate impact of its “BEK Cares” initiative for the residents of its service areas and beyond.

BEK made a commitment one week ago to double its customer’s internet speeds at no charge in preparation for the long-term likelihood of distance learning for K-12 and increasing work-from-home demands. BEK will have finalized the speed upgrade to over 97% of its 10,000+ customers by the end of this week.

Along with speed upgrades, BEK committed to provide lightband internet service free-of-charge for four (4) months to those living within its service area who were not current lightband subscribers. Through the fielding of over 2,000 calls, it was the commitment to our communities that has allowed for lightband service to be provided to an average of 25 new households each day, with installation of service being completed within 72-96 hours.

There has also been a monumental demand for products and services to allow employers the flexibility to have their staff work-from-home. In response to this demand, BEK has provided over 338 new connections to its customers via video conferencing, UC-One and VOIP conference bridges. One organization that has expanded its use of BEK’s services is the City of Valley City.

“We have been utilizing BEK’s business services for years, however with the current COVID-19 pandemic, we quickly found out how important they truly were,” said Dave Carlsrud, President, Valley City Commission. “We are very appreciative of BEK’s commitment in helping the City of Valley City to continue providing necessary services to its residents.”