North Dakota Soybean Council


FARGO, N.D. – Executive board officers were elected during the North Dakota Soybean Council (NDSC) board meeting on March 26. Austin Langley of Warwick was elected chairman of the board. Langley represents soybean farmers in Eddy, Foster and Wells Counties. He grows soybeans, edible beans, wheat, barley, alfalfa and corn along with his father and uncles on their minimal-till farm. His family also operates a cow/calf operation. Langley holds a degree from North Dakota State University (NDSU) in agricultural economics. He is a member of the National Agri-Marketing Association, Farmers Union, 4-H and active with the Winchester Arms Collectors Association. 
“Being elected by my fellow board of directors as the new chairman of the North Dakota Soybean Council is a great and humbling experience,” says Austin Langley. “What an honor to work alongside the NDSC board and terrific staff this coming year! We are truly lucky to have some of the best people working on behalf the North Dakota soybean industry. Looking at agriculture today and into the future, we have a host of issues facing us, like wet weather, lagging markets and now Covid-19. Challenging times will bring opportunities. The soybean industry will overcome these challenges and at the same time will produce new ideas. For example, projects focused on new uses will bring insight for all that soy can do now and in future, while finding new ways to maintain and build our markets at home and abroad. Soybeans are a very versatile crop, just like the North Dakotan farmer, and we will overcome these challenges to be one of the most profitable options in agriculture. I am very excited for what the future holds for agriculture.”
The board elected Chris Brossart of Wolford as vice chairman. Brossart represents soybean farmers in District 11, which consists of 13 northwest North Dakota counties. He grows soybeans, spring wheat, barley, corn and canola with his wife and parents on a third-generation family farm in Pierce County. He graduated from NDSU with a degree in Crop and Weed Sciences, and Agribusiness. Brossart is active with the North Dakota Farm Bureau and the Nodak Insurance Board. From 1998-1999, Brossart was a North Dakota FFA state officer. He is also involved with his local church.
Mike Langseth of Barney was reelected secretary. He and his father raise corn and soybeans. Langseth is a member of the North Dakota Soybean Growers Association, along with the Richland County Crop Improvement Association. He is also currently chair of the Northern Soy Marketing board, a tri-state board that invests grower checkoff funds to conduct research on soybean quality and Critical Amino Acid Value levels in northern-grown soybeans and funds outreach to buyers around the world. Langseth holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota, and represents Richland County soybean producers.  
Sheldon soybean producer Dan Spiekermeier was reelected treasurer. He represents soybean farmers in Sargent and Ransom Counties. Spiekermeier has farmed since 1985, and along with his son, Nathan, raise soybeans, corn, wheat, barley and sunflowers. He is a board member on the Ransom County Farmers Union and the Enderlin Rural Fire District. Spiekermeier is an Assistant Chief for the Enderlin-Sheldon Fire Department. 

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