VALLEY CITY, N.D. ( –  Unofficial results from November 3rd General Election, Barnes County Only.

President and Vice President of the United States

Trump Republican 3,532

Jorgensen Libertarian 159

Biden Democratic-NPL 1,800


Representative in Congress

Kelly Armstrong Republican 3,700

Steven James Peterson Libertarian 165

Zach Raknerud Democratic-NPL 1,548


State Senator District 24.

Larry J Robinson Democratic-NPL 3,409

Mike Wobbema Republican 3,533


State Representative District 24 Vote for two

Bradley Edin Democratic-NPL 2,490

Cole Christensen Republican 3,568

Naomi T Muscha Democratic-NPL 2,854

Dwight Kiefert Republican 3,689


Governor and Lt. Governor

DuWayne Hendrickson and Joshua Voytek Libertarian 169

Shelley Lenz and Ben Vig Democratic-NPL 1,353

Doug Burgum andBrent Sanford Republican 3,736


State Auditor Vote

Joshua C Gallion Republican 3,419

Patrick Hart Democratic-NPL 1,854


State Treasurer

Thomas Beadle Republican 3,283

Mark Haugen Democratic-NPL 1,983


Insurance Commissioner

Jon Godfread Republican 4,555


Public Service Commissioner

Casey D Buchmann Democratic-NPL 1,784

Brian Kroshus Republican 3,364


Superintendent of Public Instruction

Kirsten Baesler 3,142

Brandt J Dick 1,841


Justice of the Supreme Court

Jon Jay Jensen 4,595


Judge of the District Court Southeast Judicial District Judgeship No. 1 Unexpired 4-Year Term

Cherie L Clark 4,559


Barnes County Commissioner District 1

Rockne Gerard Earles 494

Cindy Louise Schwehr 657


County Commissioner District 5

Scott Alan Cole 486

Peter Thomas Paulson 546


Supervisor, Soil Conservation District Barnes County Soil Conservation District

Charlene Kay Stenson 4,686


Director, Garrison Diversion Conservancy

Gregory Paul Bischoff 4,619

Constitutional Measure No. 1 (Senate Concurrent Resolution No.4016, 2019 Session Laws, Ch. 536) This constitutional measure would amend and reenact subsections 2 and 6 of section 6 of Article VIII of the North Dakota Constitution relating to the state board of higher education.The proposed amendments to subsection 2 would increase the number of board members from eight to fifteen; prohibit state legislators,elected state officials, state employees, and individuals employed full time by any institution under the board’s control from serving on the board; increase the term of appointment of board members from four to six years with the option for reappointment to a nonconsecutive second term; and replace the chief justice of supreme court on the board nominating committee with the secretary of state. The proposed amendments to subsection 6 would require the board to meet at least annually with the head of each institution under its control.The estimated fiscal impact of this measure is$147,000 per biennium.

Yes. 1,253

No. 3,864

Constitutional Measure No. 2 (Senate Concurrent Resolution No.4001, 2019 Session Laws, Ch. 537) This constitutional measure would amend and reenact section 9 of Article III of the North Dakota Constitution. The amended section reads as follows: Section 9. A constitutional amendment may be proposed by initiative petition. If signed by electors equal in number to four percent of the resident population of the state at the last federal decennial census, the petition for a constitutional amendment may be submitted to the secretary of state. An initiative to amend the constitution maybe placed on the ballot only at a general election.

If electors approve an initiative for a constitutional amendment,the amendment must be submitted to the subsequent legislative assembly.

If the initiative is approved by a majority of members of each house in the legislative assembly,the initiative is deemed enacted.If the legislative assembly does not approve the initiative,the initiative must be placed on the ballot at the next general election.

If the majority of votes cast on the initiative are affirmative, the initiative is deemed enacted. All other provisions relating to initiative measures apply here to the initiative measures for constitutional amendments. The estimated fiscal impact of this measure is none.

Yes. 1,772

No. 3,246