VALLEY CITY, N.D. ( – The city of Valley City waived a portion of the liquor license fee for establishments in the city.

City Commissioner Dick Gulmon supported the motion. He said under the state and city executive order to close bars and clubs early during the pandemic, these businesses have taken an economic hit.

City Commissioner Jeff Erickson supported the motion, but, he said we should do something to help other businesses in the city hurting from the pandemic.

City Commissioner Mike Bishop agreed.

In Valley City, liquor licenses are issued in June/July time frame for the following 12 month period. License holders can pay their fee in 2 installments, one payable in June and the other in December. The city did waive the whole first payment. The city didn’t waive the 2nd payment in whole, but by one-half. The license fee waiver did not include Off-Sale businesses in Valley City.