JAMESTOWN, N.D. (NewsDakota.com) – The schedule for road diet construction in Jamestown has been announced.

Chris Hartwig with Ti-Zack Concrete Inc. reports that beginning next week, they’ll start conducting storm sewer work on five intersections. It’s estimated to take about three weeks for this to be completed and prepare for concrete crews.

Hartwig reports that traffic lights will start coming down next week as well. Traffic lights at 3rd Street will be re-installed once that work is done in June.

Once that’s complete, Hartwig says they’ll have crews start removing one quadrant of each intersection starting on 7th Street South and moving North up Main Street and then West. Electric work will also be conducted at this time.

This work will begin May 1st and is expected to take three months, wrapping up in July.

“We want to keep pedestrians moving and plan to work on every intersection one at a time,” Hartwig stated. “With that work, we’ll be installing the bump-outs and flashing pedestrian crosswalks. The first few weeks will be a little hectic with intersections being closed for storm work, but we’ll have posted signs for pedestrians and motorists to follow.”

Once complete, Jamestown will have bump-outs at each intersection, two-lane roadway with a dedicated left-turn lane, and flashing beacons to help pedestrians cross at 5th Street South, 2nd Street South, 3rd Street North, and 4th Avenue Northwest.

The decision to move forward with the Road Diet followed a traffic study by the North Dakota Department of Transportation in 2019.