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JAMESTOWN, N.D. ( – Thanks to the Jamestown Tourism, Dakota Motocross is seeing a much-needed update to their track.

Tracy Freeman of MX 353 took the 11-hour drive from Kansas to come put his professional touch on the track. Tracy has plenty experience building professional tracks, he is responsible for the Hoosier Arena Cross, Moto Playground, as well as many Amateur Tracks in the Midwest.

Already, one of the best tracks in North Dakota, Tracy says what he will bring to the track is “bigger safer jumps and better flow.” Safety being one of the biggest reasons, not only for the young kids just learning but also for the more experienced rider who will now have a little more room for error. A better flow for the track will also make it more desirable for professional riders from all over to come ride.

Tracy began working on the track on Tuesday, April 13th and hopes to wrap it all up by Sunday or Monday.

Dakota Motocross President, Jett Mutschler, says without Jamestown Tourism, this project would have never happened. DMX is a non-profit, 501c3, so it can be hard to come up with enough funds to do the necessary upgrades. Jett also credits many other businesses and families in Jamestown for their support, Titan Machinery, Don Wilhelm, Dan Poland, Gordon’s Interstate Towing, RM Stoudt, the Sjostrom’s, Williams’, and many others, who have given monetary or in equipment/dirt or other necessary things to operate.

In addition to Jett, there are 2 other officers, Corey Murchie, serving as Vice President and Randi Mutschler as Secretary/Treasurer, and countless members, including Ross Mutschler, Rick Mutschler, and Candace Murchie who all volunteer their time to make everything run properly. The track hosts 3 race weekends each year and is well respected in the Motocross world for its layout and for the extra-curricular activities that they host through the weekend, such as a free supper for the riders and families, pit-bike races, buddy races, and the season finale “Dash for Cash”, where several Professional Riders as far as Idaho, try to finish 1st for $3,500.

During a race weekend, there have been up to 350 registered riders in a day, a record that DMX holds within the North Dakota Motorcycle Association for most riders, and between 700-1,000 spectators through the gates.

Dakota Motocross really is fun for the whole family, riders as young as 3 all the way up, boys, girls, men, and women will gather each race weekend and hang on for one of the most thrilling rides. Randi says, “People keep coming back to Jamestown to race because of the hard work we all put into it to make it fun and safe, but also because Jett. He is really out here for the kids, he trains them, encourages them, helps them, he’s everybody’s uncle, and the parents love that!”

The newly laid out track will be ready in time for the NDMA Season Opener, April 24th and 25th. The other race weekends are scheduled for June 12th-13th and Stampede Weekend, September 25th-26th. It is just $7 to get in and Reister Meats Concessions are available for breakfast and lunch.