By Brianna Mayhair, JRMC

JAMESTOWN, N.D. (JRMC) – Miles matter when people are sick. 

The New Rockford Eagles Club Aerie 2923 knew this when it gifted $5,000 to Jamestown Regional Medical Center on Sept. 15. 

Proceeds from gaming sites including Buck-It’s Bar and Lodge, New Rockford, N.D. and Shamrock Bar & Lounge, Carrington, N.D. make gifts like these possible.

“This is important to the Eagles because we want to give back to causes that support the community. The JRMC Cancer Center is one of those causes,” said Jon Heinz, president of New Rockford Eagles Club Aerie 2923.

When JRMC built its new location in southwest Jamestown, it dreamed of the day it could eliminate miles on the journey to recovery. Each month, the JRMC Cancer Center provides nearly 250 chemotherapy infusions to individuals in the region. In the two years since it opened, the JRMC Cancer Center has save more than 500,000 miles of travel.

“Miles matter because miles are expensive. Miles make a sick person feel sicker,” said JRMC Foundation Director Lisa Jackson. “Miles mean lost work, missed soccer games and empty seats at church.”

Because of generous gifts like this one from the Eagles, the JRMC Cancer Center can improve the quality of life for patients and their families, increase access to under-served communities in central North Dakota and support patients on their cancer journey with state-of-the-art care.

“The JRMC Cancer Center cares for patients from more than 35 communities,” Jackson said. “We are grateful for the generous support from the communities of New Rockford and Carrington.”

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