Photo: GoFundMe

BISMARCK, N.D. ( – A GoFundMe page has been set up to compensate the photographers stepping in to help brides and grooms in need in the wake of the sudden closure of Bismarck photography studio Glasser Images on October 7th.

“With the closure of Glasser Images, many Bismarck/North Dakota/Midwest Brides have been left without a photographer for their wedding,” organizer Anne Cleary states on the page. “At White Lace Bridal we are an outsider of the trade of photography, but well versed in the bridal industry. We have been seeing so many local creatives offering free or discounted services in the wake of Glasser’s announcement. These gracious offers do not go unnoticed by our community. So our staff at WLB thought we would start a crowd-funding option to help any photographer or videographer receive some funds if they are donating their services.”

Over $1,500 has been raised in 4 days.

“If we successfully raise money we will do our best to split it up in an appropriate way to the photographers and videographers involved in the donations,” Cleary added. “It would be at a first come first serve basis and would need of proof from the client that they hired Glasser and then received services at a discount from a new photographer or videographer. This concept more than likely won’t be able to completely fund the services from these generous creatives, but we hope to be able to give them some kind of portion of their regular rates for their good deed.”

You can find the GoFundMe page here