Casselton, N.D. (  The Cass County Sheriffs Department announced this morning that a person called and reported that he had just shot someone in Casselton.  A press release says that there was a Cass County Deputy in the area and he was able to be on the scene within minutes to start life saving measures.  The deputy was also able to detain the person that admitted to the shooting.

Casselton Ambulance arrived a short time later and took over the life saving measures and transported the victim to a Fargo Hospital.  We do understand that the victim has died from his injuries.

According to the press release the incident occurred at 15568 37th St. SE in Casselton shortly after 2 a.m.  Deputies did remain at the scene for several hours to investigate.

No names have been released as of yet.  There was a women at the the scene that was also detained.