JAMESTOWN, N.D. (NewsDakota.com) – One of the Jamestown/Stutsman Development Corporation’s (JSDC) goals is to assist businesses and companies with hurdles that they are facing when it comes to their own growth.

JSDC Development Director Corry Shevlin says in a recent New Business Attraction meeting, three different possible incentives were discussed that could be created.

Shevlin says one possible incentive would be an “automation-type” incentive.

Some things the possible incentive would do is help provide machinery, but not eliminate full-time positions. Shevlin says some sort of rebate system or process may be a possibility when they discuss it next month.

Another possibility would also be a primary-sector exclusive and would focus on companies that don’t use traditional financing methods.

The final possible incentive would focus on housing. Shevlin says they’re working with a developer who is putting together a proposal that he and others would look over. This is where the question of JSDC role in residential development comes into play.

Shevlin says they’ll look at plat maps, buyers, and more levels before the staff makes a recommendation to committees and boards and any proposal moves forward.

While details are still sparse and things remain in discussion stages, Shevlin says conversations will continue as they explore possible incentives for Jamestown and Stutsman County businesses.