(NAFB.com) – Farm state lawmakers Wednesday introduced the China Trade Cheating Restitution Act. Senate Democrat Jon Tester joined Republican Bill Cassidy, Chuck Grassley and John Thune to introduce the bill they say would level the playing field for U.S. farmers. The bill would ensure that the agricultural sectors most affected by China’s evasion on anti-dumping duties receive an estimated $38.5 million in accrued delinquency interest on duties wrongfully withheld by Customs and Border Patrol from 2000-2014. For nearly two decades, Chinese producers have exported honey, fresh garlic, crawfish, and mushrooms to the U.S. at a price below the cost of production to purposefully increase their market share– a practice called “dumping.” The United States placed anti-dumping duties on Chinese producers in 2001 to protect domestic producers and condemn China’s unfair actions. The bill would require CBP to distribute an estimated $38.5 million in accrued delinquency interest on the anti-dumping duties that CBP collected and wrongfully withheld.