Saturday, October 12th

KQDJ: CFB – U of Jamestown @ Doane 1pm

Sunday, October 13th

KOVC: CFB – VCSU @ Presentation 3pm

Monday, October 14th

KQDJ: HSFB – Jamestown vs. Century 5pm

KQLX: HSFB – Lisbon vs. Hatton/Northwood 5pm

KOVC: CFB – Coach Mac Show 5:30pm

KDDR: HSFB – Oakes @ Northern Cass 6pm

KOVC: HSFB – Valley City vs. Devils Lake 7pm

KXGT: HSFB – Wyndmere/Lidgerwood @ Griggs County Central 7pm

KDAK: HSFB – Carrington @ Langdon TBD

Tuesday, October 15th

KOVC: HSVB – Valley City vs. West Fargo Sheyenne 7pm

KDAK: HSVB – Carrington @ Ellendale 7pm

KXGT: HSVB – Enderlin @ Midkota 7pm

KQDJ: HSVB – Jamestown vs. Century 7pm

Friday, October 18th

KOVC: CVB – VCSU vs. Dakota State 6:30pm

KQLX: HSFB – Lisbon @ Milnor/North Sargent 7pm

Saturday, October 19th

KQDJ: HSFB – Jamestown @ Bismarck TBD

KXGT: HSFB – South Border @ LLM 1pm

KQDJ: CFB – U of Jamestown @ Morningside 1pm

KOVC: CFB – VCSU vs. Mayville State 2pm

KDAK: HSFB – Carrington vs. Park River 2pm

KDDR: HSFB – Oakes vs. EEK 2pm

KOVC: HSFB – VCSU @ Central Cass 7pm


KQDJ: 1400 AM/107.1 FM

KOVC: 1490 AM/96.3 FM

KDDR: 1220 AM/95.9 FM

KDAK: 1600 AM/100.1 FM

KQLX: 106.1 FM

KXGT: 98.3 FM

Q101: 101.1 FM

RAVEN: 103.1 FM

CFB – college football

HSFB – high school football

HSVB – high school volleyball

CVB – college volleyball

CBB – mens/womens basketball doubleheader

MBB – mens basketball single game

WBB – womens basketball single game

HSBB – boys/girls basketball doubleheader

BBB – boys basketball single game

GBB – girls basketball single game

BHCKY – boys hockey

GHCKY – girls hockey

CHCKY – college hockey

WREST – wrestling

CB – college baseball

HSB – high school baseball

HSSB – high school softball

Legion – legion baseball

 ** All times are approximate. If you have any comments, concerns or questions on the schedule or our sports broadcasts please email Steve Linzmeier ( **