Tuesday, June 11th

KDAK: LEGION – Carrington @ Rolla 5pm

Wednesday, June 12th

KDAK: LEGION – Carrington vs. Harvey 5pm



CFB – college football

HSFB – high school football

HSVB – high school volleyball

CVB – college volleyball

CBB – mens/womens basketball doubleheader

MBB – mens basketball single game

WBB – womens basketball single game

HSBB – boys/girls basketball doubleheader

BBB – boys basketball single game

GBB – girls basketball single game

BHCKY – boys hockey

GHCKY – girls hockey

CHCKY – college hockey

WREST – wrestling

CB – college baseball

HSB – high school baseball

HSSB – high school softball

Legion – legion baseball

 ** All times are approximate. If you have any comments, concerns or questions on the schedule or our sports broadcasts please email Steve Linzmeier (stevel@newsdakota.com) **