Medical Marijuana Implementation Several Months Away In N.D. (Audio)

BISMARCK, N.D. ( – The implementation of the new medical marijuana law passed by North Dakota voters in November of 2016 may take several months before it can be legally set up in state.

Acting State Medical Officer Arvy Smith said compassion centers need to be in place to meet requirements under the law.

Smith said it has taken other states several months to implement the legal distribution of medical marijuana.

Smith said the health department needs to approve a private firm to set up a lab for the legal distribution of medical marijuana.

Smith said under federal law, it’s illegal to move the product across state lines and that’s why a lab needs to be set up in North Dakota. Below is the full interview with Smith and reporter Steve Urness.

Meanwhile, state law makers are moving to suspend the implementation until the Legislature adopts rules for dispensing the substance.

Earlier this month, Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner of Dickinson said it will delay the applications for growers and dispensers until the details on how it will be regulated are worked out.

A joint House and Senate meeting will consider a proposal to delay the law at least until the end of July.

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Row Crop Expo January 19 Valley City Eagles Club

VALLEY CITY, N.D. – ( The annual NDSU Barnes County Extension Service Row Crop Expo will be held Thursday, January 19th from 10am to 3pm at the Eagles Club in Valley City.

There will be four seminars that farmers can listen to during the Row Crop Expo. Below is the schedule of events:

10:00 am  Managing New Herbicide Traits, NDSU Extension Area Agronomist Greg Endres.

11:00 am Farm Financial Picture, N.D. Farm Management Instructor Keith Torgerson.

12:00 pm Commodity Elections

12:15 pm Free Lunch

1:00 pm N.D. Soybean Survey, NDSU Extension Agronomist Hans Kandel.

2:00 pm Weed Management, NDSU Weed Specialist Richard Zollinger.

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Jamestown Police Investigating Gunshot At Party Sunday Morning

JAMESTOWN, N.D. ( – The Jamestown Police Department is seeking information after a rifle was accidentally discharged during a Christmas party at a Southeast Jamestown business Sunday morning.

The call came in around 2:15 AM from an individual who was present at a Christmas party and witnessed someone showing a rifle when a round was accidentally discharged. Police seized evidence and the rifle was located. Reports say the rifle was directed upward when the round was fired into the ceiling. No one was injured.

Police don’t believe that the rifle in question was fired at anyone or intentionally, but they are investigating possible negligence or recklessness involved. Sgt. Brian Miller reports that no other information was available as of Monday morning and the investigation is ongoing.

Because of the victim’s affiliation with the address, Marsy’s Law provides protection to the victim as well as the business name and location. Anyone with information or anyone present at the time of the incident are asked to call the Police Department at 701-252-2414.

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Jamestown, Bismarck & Devils Lake Post Record Boarding Numbers in 2016

JAMESTOWN, N.D. ( – The North Dakota Aeronautics Commission has released the final numbers for boarding’s for the state’s 8 major airports.

The commission reports that the state’s commercial service airports finished 2016 with a statewide total of 1,049,457 passenger boarding’s, an 11% decrease from 2015′s total of 1,176,043.

‘The eight commercial service airports in the state currently provide incredible value and opportunities to each community and the current low price of oil has also helped to reduce the overall cost of airline tickets to the flying public,” the commission states in a release.

Bismarck, Jamestown, and Devils Lake were the three airports in the state to have record breaking passenger numbers for 2016. Minot, Dickinson and Williston saw the largest decline, which the commission attributes to the decline in workforce in the Western oil fields.

“Statewide airline passenger boarding’s have now declined for a second straight year following the record setting year of 2014 where over 1.2 million passengers flew in North Dakota.”

Jamestown’s final totals in 2016 were 11,123 passengers, compared to 7,996 boarding’s in 2015. The airport can now expect to receive more funding for future projects and expansion after eclipsing the 10,000 passenger mark. Click here to read more about that.

Graph courtesy of the Aeronautics Commission showing the different routes by airlines from North Dakota in 2016.

Graph courtesy of the Aeronautics Commission showing the different routes by airlines from North Dakota in 2016.

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