JAMESTOWN, N.D. (NewsDakota.com) – The University of Jamestown will be receiving training in order to operate the newly built SmartLab on campus.

Dr. LeeAnn Nelson is an Assistant Professor at UJ and is leading the SmartLab program.

Typically built for elementary, middle, and high schools, SmartLab programs have students creating projects that encourage them to explain, ask, and tackle new problems. Dr. Nelson says there’s a growing need for technology education.

Dr. Nelson says it took about a year a half to research building a SmartLab at the University. She says they reviewed the MakerSpace and SmartLab technology before ultimately deciding on SmartLab. The Jamestown High School currently owns a MakerSpace.

Dr. Nelson says they would like to have University students have hands-on learning at the SmartLab to better prepare them for classrooms around the world.

The SmartLab was made possible by a sponsorship from an alum of the University. Dr. Nelson says staff will undergo training this month in order to provide the services of the SmartLab to the students.

For more on the SmartLab, click here. You can listen to a full interview with Dr. LeeAnn Nelson below.