JAMESTOWN, N.D. ( – Aspiring leaders and those wanting to feel better prepared to serve as an effective leader are encouraged to join the Lead Local program.

The Stutsman County Extension Service will be hosting a Lead Local training on November 16th for those aspiring, elected, and appointed leaders serving on boards, councils, and committees.

Extension Agent Alicia Harstad says the training will help participants:

-Feel better prepared to serve as an effective board council or committee member
-Recognize the components of an effective meeting
-Learn basic parliamentary procedure and how to use it
-Understand different personality styles and how they can work together effectively
-Use effective tools when dealing with conflict

Harstad says this training can be for anyone who is currently in a leadership role, interested in becoming a better leader, or wants to better understand what leadership is and can be.

She added sometimes good leadership can be boiled down to better communication.

The Lead Local program will be held on November 16th from 9 AM to 4 PM at the Stutsman County Extension Office at 502 10th Ave. SE.

There is a $75 registration fee that covers lunch, breaks and training materials. Participants can get registered by contacting the Stutsman County Extension Office at 701-252-9030 or

Listen to a full Let’s Talk About It with Alicia Harstad below: