BISMARCK, N.D. (NDIC) – North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread issued a bulletin reminding insurance companies involved in long-term care policies about denying claims based on the type of facility.

Under North Dakota Century Code, insurance companies cannot deny a long-term care insurance claim based solely on the type of facility where someone is seeking care. The bulletin notes that claims must include a review and consideration of the patient’s medical records and the level of care the patient is receiving.

“Many smaller communities in North Dakota may only have one nursing home or one assisted living facility,” Godfread said. “This law is in place to protect those who want to continue living in the communities that they have called home for years, regardless of the type of long-term care facilities present.”

North Dakotans with questions about their long-term care policy or other insurance topics are encouraged to contact the North Dakota Insurance Department. Bulletin 2023-1 is available on the Department’s website.