BISMARCK, N.D. (Peluso) – Well, here we go again. I think it’s a prerequisite for me that if I’m coming home from a season
of ice fishing, we are going to get hit with a blizzard. So, yes, here we are again. I did get out a couple times fishing walleyes on the Missouri River just before the storm. All indications from those trips are that we will have a very good spring season on the river in and near Bismarck.

The water was a little stained and I’m sure after the storm clears, she will remain that way. I don’t think it will turn into the Big Muddy, however. I’m hoping we have at least six-to-ten inches of visibility even during the main melt from this snow we have just received.

I still have a few days before the real kick off to my open water guide season. Once I back the boat down the ramp with clients this spring, there is no turning back the dial until September. I’m excited though! I think we are going to have a fantastic summer of fishing. I’m also excited to get out and chase a potential state record walleye! I have some dates open for Devils Lake and Sakakawea this summer, so if you are thinking about a trip please let me know!

Mike Peluso is a Dakota Edge Outdoors contributing writer and a licensed ND fishing guide specializing in walleyes on the state’s premier waters.

Featured Photo: A Hook Ahead. Before the weekend’s blizzard and ahead of the start of his normal guiding season, the author was out on the Missouri River for some early trips and anglers in his boat found success. DEO photo by Mike Peluso.