At the NDSU Thundering Herd Meet, the Valley City Boys finished in 12th place, and the Girls picked up a 5th place finish, setting a combined 24 personal records.

The final results are provided by


Boys Results

60M Dash: Parker Jacobson 1st, Derek Shape 18th, Zachary Sykora 29th, Jake Anderson 56th,
Parker Sather 59th, Zachary Giesler 66th

200M: Parker Jacobson 10th, Jake Anderson 24th, Zachary Sykora 26th, Parker Sather 51st, Jayden Suhr 55th

400M: Hunter Undem 33rd

800M: Jack Sorby 27th, Simon Trapp 41st, Elijah Drummond 50th, Adrian Rivera 52nd

1600M: Jack Sorby 23rd, Simon Trapp 33rd, Elijah Drummond 37th, Adrian Rivera 41st

60M Hurdles: Aaden Stanton-Ring 9th

4x200M: Valley City – A Parker Jacobson, Isaac Norby, Jayden Suhr, Derek Shape 6th, Valley City – B Jake Anderson, Zachary Sykora, Zachary Giesler, Issac Hart 18th

4x400M: Aaden Stanton-Ring, Isaac Norby, Jack Sorby, Hunter Undem 14th

Shot Put: Dylan Hunt 3rd, Scot Rohde 27th, Owen Hunt 34th, Trey McPartland 44th

Long Jump: Kenny Mitchell 17th, Kellen Westman 33rd


Girls Results

60M Dash: Morgan Larson 7th, Layni Bakalar 21st, Laityn Didier 23rd, Sameerah Malcolm 48th, Marisa Hoffarth 50th, Chesney Thomsen 51st

200M: Morgan Larson 8th, Hadley Thoreson 20th, Uria Gabel 47th, Marisa Hoffarth 53rd, Addison Fetsch 67th

400M: Reagan Berg 1st, Addison Fetsch 41st

800M: Brynn Lueck 2nd, Greta Goven 4th, Cadence Fetsch 17th, Autumn Anderson 32nd, Brenna Storly 33rd

1600M: Reagan Berg 2nd, Greta Goven 5th, Cadence Fetsch 18th, Autumn Anderson 27th, Brenna Storly 32nd

60M Hurdles: Madison Wendel 3rd

4x200M: Valley City – A Layni Bakalar, Morgan Larson, Laityn Didier, Kadie Kocka 8th, Valley City – B Marisa Hoffarth, Uria Gabel, Sameerah Malcolm, Chesney Thomsen 19th

Shot Put: Katie Burchill 21st, Rebekah Norby 35th, Tori Nelson 45th, Raven Mitchell 47th

High Jump: Jovi Borg 8th, Dacota Potratz 16th, Brooklyn Botz 18th, Laityn Didier 23rd

Pole Vault: Kadie Kocka 5th, Madison Wendel 10th

Long Jump: Layni Bakalar 8th, Brooklyn Botz 32nd

Triple Jump: Jovi Borg 10th, Dacota Potratz 18th