Amazon Fulfillment Center Construction Progress as of April 2021. Photo: KFGO

By Don Haney

FARGO, N.D. (KFGO News) – It’s been more than seven months since construction started on Amazon’s massive Fulfillment Center north of Hector International Airport in Fargo and a union leader says progress is moving ahead at a rapid pace.

The earliest completion date was set for August. Jason Ehlert, president of the North Dakota Building Trades Unions, says structural steel, pre-cast walls, and roofing are nearing completion and work is underway on pouring 1300 yards of concrete daily for the interior floor. Elhert says there are about 150 union construction workers on site now.

That does not include foremen and superintendents:

The $100-million to $120-million distribution center, being built on 110 acres of former farmland is considered the largest building built in North Dakota. 19-football fields would fit inside.

The company is planning to hire 500 full-time employees. Amazon has not yet announced when hiring will begin.